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Camping Card International (CCI) winners enjoy spectacular F1 race in Nürburg

Helmut Schreiner, campsite manager of the five star camping park at Lake Kronenburg, was very surprised upon hearing that he had won two tickets to attend the German Formula 1 Grand Prix, taking place 5-7 July 2013 at the Nüerburgring in Nürburg, Germany.

Although the racetrack is only 40 km away from the camping park complex situated on Lake Kronenburg, due to scheduling issues Mr. Schreiner had not before been able to visit the racetrack. Making Mr. Schreiner’s win of the tickets all the more special.

These tickets afforded Mr. Schreiner a very different experience compared to TV. He was able to enjoy the race live from the side of the racetrack. His tickets also allowed him to visit the pits (paddock), the pit lane and the paddock support area. The fantastic atmosphere and experiences at the races, paired with a beautiful summer weekend led to what Mr. Schreiner described as an, “unsurpassable weekend.”

The highlight for Mr. Schreiner was that Sebastian Vettel was able to complete his first home race here with a strong performance. He added that it was only because of winning the tickets that he was able to experience the winning cars directly at the Parc Ferme and to photograph them.

Mr. Schreiner said that he will be exhibiting a photo with CCI-logo and the ticket in the reception of his camping park.

Foto: Helmut Schreiner, Campingpark Kronenburger See, 7.7.2013