The most frequently asked questions

How do I get my CCI?

Become a member of FICC affiliated organisation/club and enjoy camping with us. For more information visit our Contacts section.

I paid by credit card and did not receive a CCI discount. Why not?

In some cases, no discount is given if you pay by credit card. Ask before you pay at the campsite in question to avoid unpleasant surprises.

The campsite did not give us a CCI discount even though it was listed in the CCI brochure/Campsite Guide/Internet. Can we still do something about this?

In the first place, it is important that, when paying your bill at the campsite, you pay attention to whether or not the price includes a discount. It is always possible that, for some reason or another, the person at the reception desk is unfamiliar with the product. If you are not given a discount even though you are entitled to one, let us know so that we can take the matter up with the campsite. No discounts are given after the fact. You can direct your correspondence to your club. You will find the necessary information under ‘Contacts’.

Is the CCI accepted in Scandinavian countries?

The CCI is required in Sweden and Denmark! However, we understand that there are campsites in Sweden that do not accept the CCI and that require their camping guests to purchase a Swedish camping card. If you have plans to go camping in Sweden, first check the list of campsites that do accept the CCI: www.husvagnochcamping.se

How is the CCI accepted in Italy?

The CCI is generally accepted in Italy. However, it is very important for Italian campsite owners to see that all of the necessary information is stated on the CCI. They have to copy this information into a required register. If information is missing from your card, they can refuse to accept the CCI and ask you to hand in your passport instead.