Third-party liability insurance

Insurance coverage

The Fédération Internationale de Camping, Caravanning et Autocaravaning A.I.S.B.L. (FICC) has taken out third-party liability insurance with the English insurance company Miller Insurance Services LLP of London for holders of a CCI. This insurance covers the legal liability for damage and/or personal injury to third parties during camping trips and a stay in a rented accommodation or hotel that is caused by the holder of the CCI and their husband/wife and by those (up to a maximum of 11 persons) travelling with them in the same private vehicle or by bike. If the holder of the CCI has to temporarily leave his or her travelling companions behind and return home in the course of the holiday, these travelling companions remain insured.


The insurance coverage is valid throughout the world with the exception of America and Canada and the districts falling under their jurisdiction one year from the date of issue or extension of the CCI.

Amount insured

The insurance covers a maximum amount of 2,500,000 Swiss francs per incident. The insurance contains extra coverage for the holder of the CCI, namely coverage of up to a maximum of 100,000 Swiss francs for the risk of legal liability for bodily injury caused by the insured in connection with windsurfing and/or when using a non-motorised boat shorter than 5 metres.

  1. Not covered is damage caused directly or indirectly by a. boats, vehicles or planes or by any work on board these, with the exception of windsurfing boards and non-motorised boats shorter than 5 metres. b. food or alcohol poisoning, or by the presence of alien or hazardous matter present in food or drink c.environmental pollution d.war, civil unrest and the like e.large-scale entertainment events for which admission is charged f.damage that results from radioactive rays or contamination and other atomic risks.

  2. There is no coverage for bodily injury to a person as a result of or during employment by the insured party if an employment or training contract exists.

  3. Damage to property that is owned or inhabited by or has been entrusted to the care, charge or maintenance of the insured party.

  4. Not covered is intentional damage caused by the holder of the CCI or one of his/her co-insured, such as: a. Damage to ground and crops by trampling or setting up their b. Careless disposal of litter c.Damage to underground water, gas or electricity pipes or cables.

Policy excess

For damage caused during a stay in a rented accommodation or hotel, there is an excess of 100 Swiss francs per incident.


The insured is obliged to limit the damage claim, to report the incident to your club immediately and to provide the insurer with all of the information needed to deal with the damage claim. The insured is not permitted to make or to promise any payments.

Other insurance

This insurance policy does not cover loss or damage that at the time of said loss or damage was covered by another insurance policy or policies (liability insurance) or would have been covered by them if this insurance had not been taken out, with the exception of a possible policy excess greater than the amount that would have applied pursuant to the conditions of the other insurance policy or policies in the event that this insurance policy had not been taken out.