Validity conditions

The CCI is only valid if:

  • the date stated on the card (expiry date) has not been exceeded
  • the holder of the CCI is a member of a club affiliated with the FICC
  • the CCI has been signed

As the holder of a CCI you are expected to:

  • respect the rules for using the grounds at a campsite
  • request prior permission to stay on grounds that are not officially registered as a campsite
  • request permission for making a campfire
  • not damage the green areas and not leave litter behind
  • help to maintain good hygienic conditions at the campsite
  • respect the privacy of others and observe the quiet times
  • adhere to the camping regulations of the campsite

You can use the CCI as:

  • substitute proof of identity when registering upon arrival at a campsite. This prevents you from having to hand in your passport unless country legislations do not allow.
  • proof of third-party liability during your stay at a campsite, in a rented accommodation or at a hotel
  • proof that your are entitled to the discounts described

Proof of identify

The CCI is accepted as proof of identity at almost all campsites. Campsite owners, however, are not required to accept the card as such.

Third-party liability insurance

The conditions for third-party liability insurance are discussed under third-party liability insurance. You must send a written report of any damage to your club within one month after your return home. You should include as many details as possible, preferably with testimony from a witness. Never give a statement of guilt without previous written permission from your club.


The CCI entitles the cardholder to discounts given on the website. If you would like to be eligible, you must state this in advance. Discounts are given only for a stay of a maximum of 21 consecutive days. Discounts do not apply to a season or annual pitch. No discounts will be given after the fact. Discounts can usually not be given in combination with other discounts. The discounts listed are valid throughout the current year unless otherwise specified. By high season is usually meant July/August and weekends with a special holiday (Easter, Ascension). This rule may differ per country and campsite. Always inquire beforehand. Discounts are given only at the campsite by the campsite owner. If a discount or special offer that is mentioned on this page is not given at the campsite, report this to your club upon your return home. You will need to hand in the original bill and a copy of the CCI. Always save these documents. Your club will then take the matter up with the campsite in question. The discounts listed here have been selected with care. If a discount on this website has been changed because of circumstances beyond your club’s control, your club cannot be held liable. You club can also not be held bound to obvious errors. In addition to the discounts listed on this website, other discounts may be given. Some campsite owners give the holders of a CCI a discount that can very per period and in amount.

Loss of the card

Keep you CCI in a safe place. Loss or theft of the card can cause damage. Should you lose the card, please report this to your club immediately. Your club is always willing to answer any questions you might have about the Camping Card International.